Groups of children and young people have been able to get closer to nature and develop their knowledge about the natural world by visiting The Haycop.

Local schools, including Broseley C. of E. School, have used the site for Forest School sessions, as well as for opportunities volunteering in the local community.

The Guide and Scout associations all make full use of the site.

If you would like more information or to arrange a visit with young people, please get in touch using the links on the Contact page.

Broseley CE School Reception Class visit the October 2020


Year 2 Make ‘Seed Bombs’ April 2019

In early April Year 2 pupils from Broseley CE School paid a visit to the Haycop to help plant wild flower seeds on the meadow. They used a method promoted by the Wildlife Trusts, which involves mixing wildflower seeds with compost and then encasing this mixture in a ball of clay.  The ball of clay is then thrown onto the area that you want to plant the seeds. Overtime, with addition of rain water, the clay balls will brake down and the mixture of water, clay, compost allows the seeds to germinate and grow.  For more information on this fun method of plating wild flower seeds click on the following link

Year 2 Visit to Haycop a Great Success Despite the Rain June 2018

On the 11th July 2018 the Year 2 class from Broseley C of E School came down to the Haycop as part of their work on habitats.  The visit was partly spoilt by some very inclement weather, however, despite the rain the children had a very enjoyable time.  When pond dipping they found pond skaters, dragonfly nymphs and water beetles.  On the heathland they found slowworms, spiders, yellow wood ants and a lizard (see below).  Unfortunately, they had less luck looking for butterflies of the South Bank, although, there were a few small day flying moths.  The class had a very positive experience and they each wrote a letter of thanks to the Haycop volunteers.  Four of the letters is shown below.

Year 1 Pupils Help with Wildlife Survey May 2017

As part of Broseley CE Primary School’s volunteering programme children from Year 1 (aged 5 & 6)  carried a wildlife survey on the Haycop in May 2017. The survey was conducted at four different locations within the Haycop Nature Reserve.  The results from the survey are shown below below:

Butterfly & Insect Survey (Meadow and top end of Bridleway by the Down Well)

Speckled Wood 3, Orange tip 5 Holly Blue 2. Green Veined White 2, Red Tailed Bumble Bee

Wild Flower Survey ( On the path between the pond and the Ant hill Glade)

Native Bluebells, Yellow Archangel, Buttercup, Field Forget-me-Not Dandelion, Broom, Herb Robert, Red Campion, Cow Parsley, Marsh Marigold, Stickyweed, Elderflower, and Nettles.

Pond Survey

Hairworm, Pond Snail (plus eggs), Ramshorn Snail, Water Boatman & Lesser Water Boatman, Mayfly Nymph, Damselfly Nymph, Pond Skater,, Flatworms, Demoiselle, Alderfly Larva, Small Red Damselfly (male).

Heathland Survey

Yellow Meadow Ants, Common Black Ant (carrying eggs), Ant Mounds, Slowworms (5), evidence of Rabbits (droppings), green snail, Orange tip Butterfly, Speckled Wood Butterfly.

The children worked via Lepidoptera expert on the butterflies and a expert on pond life when pond dipping.  They also had access to edification guides.

Images from 2015